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MiniMax is a design and organizational studio based in New York. My mission is to create harmony, function, and beauty in your home. When you live in an atmosphere that speaks to you, but also WORKS for you it impacts your happiness and productivity. The MiniMax philosophy is — organize first, then style! 

Life is about filling in the blanks and creating your own unique story. Organizing first allows me to fill in the blanks for items that not only look great, but actually work to help you get things done, maintain your new organized lifestyle, and get you feeling inspired within your own space. 

I've never met a space I couldn't improve. No space is too big or too small. Let me help minimize your life while maximizing your style so you can fall in love all over again! 


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A year ago, I wanted the design of my apartment to catch up with my vision of what an apartment should look like that houses a family of four with a dog and a home/office in Manhattan. Today not only my vision, but more importantly my collaboration with Juliette Von Hess has me living that vision in the apartment of my dreams. Juliette’s taste perfectly suits mine mostly because both she has taught me about my taste by introducing me to a palette of textures and colors I love…this, to me, is the essence of what a good designer does.
 — Mary Conway Spiegel

Juliette fortunately came into our lives at that very moment and after a mere one hour consultation, she understood, without explanation from us, what was needed to be done for our family to create calm out of clutter, to maximize the space that we had, to feature the items that we treasured, to help us let go of what we did not need and to make the systems in our home easy to maintain. She downsized things in a way that made everything feel more spacious and light. As a result of her efforts and vision, our apartment is not just a home, it is a sanctuary of structure, beauty and labels! You will never regret hiring her!"
 - Jacayln F. Barnett

Juliette is a life saver! I cannot say enough, but this about sums it up— every evening when I come home, I look around and love my home — the way it looks, the energy, the feel. It's perfect. It's us. And every morning, out of respect to Juliette's vision and just how good it all looks, I arrange the bedding and couch pillows exactly as they looked when I first saw them after Juliette redesigned our NY apartment. It is my tribute to her talent and amazing eye. In addition, Juliette is an excellent personal organizer. I don't know what we'd do without her. 
 — Brette Goldstein

Juliette is PHENOMENAL! She was focused on staying within our budget and making sure our personality and style was reflected in our space -- and that our home fit our lifestyle.
 — Sem Chi

Juliette is the consummate professional. She is incredibly hard working and her work ethic and enthusiasm is infectious. The systems she designs help keep us better organized, and looking great. She has a fabulous eye. We've been working with her over seven years and 5 homes. She is amazing and I can't recommend her highly enough.
 — Renee Harper Audrey

Juliette has amazing vision and puts everything together very tastefully. Superb organizational skills. She really listens and helps make decisions. Juliette is very resourceful and  can put together rooms beautifully with any budget. Now, when I start my sentence with "Juliette recommended ....", everyone listens. We fully trust her.
 — Tanya Sopher 


Whether you are in New York or are living outside of the 5 boroughs — let's start talking about how we can bring the MiniMax touch to your living space! Fill out the form below — and I'll get with you soon! 

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